Food Delivery Company

The App

The SEAT is a unique and elegant solution to a problem that consistently irritates spectators - queuing.

The user-friendly platform consists of two smartphone applications: The User App and Vendor App. The two apps necessitate each other and together provide a smooth and effective platform for both the customer and vendor, allowing fans to enjoy the match without a moment missed.



SEAT provides both a Delivery and collection service which is customizable.


Barcode technology & Prepayment.

With customers making payment in advance and the use or barcode technology. Placing an order and collecting has never been this quick.


Always in control.

With SEAT you are always in control. Using our Online/Offline feature you can stay on top of all orders.


Advance Analytics.

With our analytic system all customer behaviour can be recorded.


There when you need us!

With our 24/7 helpline and daily logistical support we are always available to help.


All Inclusive.

We not only provide all the equipment necessary, but we also offer:

  • Real-time order management
  • Advance Marketing data and tools
  • Adaptable to any Venue
  • Push notifications
  • Special promotions and offers
  • devices